Information on the Different Types of Exterior Glass Doors

When someone visits other people’s home, the first thing one would notice is the portal that would lead into their abode.

The door is the gauge by which people would expect what lies behind it. Now, if you want an elegant and classy entrance to complement your home then you must be aware of the different types of exterior glass doors.

Insulated Exterior Glass Doors: Insulated glass is fabricated through a sealing process of two or more sheets of glass and leaving a space in between of 6mm to 12 mm of dry air. This door adjusts to the different weather conditions and seasons the house goes through. This glass provides visible light transmittance than tinted glass. The most common feature of this door is that it reduces condensation and prevents fading of interior furnishings.

Tinted Exterior Glass Doors: This type of door features a characteristic where it reduces rays of light from entering the room, thus less heat, and illumination means less fading for interior furnishings. The Baroque is an example of tinted glass, where it has marbleized or rippled effect. This is for people who prefer a wide array of colors yet value their privacy.

Stained Exterior Glass Doors: This design is fashioned using various types or colors of glass that were cut into pieces to create a pattern.

Textured Exterior Glass Doors: This type of door allows light to come in yet it only allows the person inside to identify strangers outside. It comes in different design, like reed, gotta, weave, ripple, frosted and others.

Prism Exterior Glass Doors: It is translucent and comes with decorative design of prism shaped ribs, which reflects the light and color in different directions. Prism is architectural glass that is known for redirecting and refracting light.

By getting an exterior glass door, one can avail of its dual purpose, functionality and decoration. Security, energy efficiency and beauty are the three important factors to consider when buying an exterior glass door. Luckily, these days, manufacturers have incorporated these three characteristics in most of their models.