How many times have you been drinking tea, lemonade, or anything else with ice in it and every time you pick up the glass it drips water all over you? Even if you are using coasters, quite often they just can’t hold all that water that sweats down the side of your glass. If you are tired of having drinks dripping all over you, then enter the world of insulated glassware.

Insulated Glassware to the Rescue

Insulated glassware can be found in both plastic and glass. Of course the more expensive varieties will be made out of glass, which many people find to be superior. Insulated glassware constructed of glass can be a bit pricy, but occasionally you can find good sales on them, especially online. You may be able to find it in your local stores, especially if you are only looking for the plastic variety. Most types of insulated glassware are dishwasher safe. That being said, always check the manufacturer’s directions since some varieties of insulated glass may not be sealed as well as others.

Insulated glassware isn’t just for cold drinks. Usually insulated glassware can also be used for hot drinks such as coffee, and the insulation allows you to hold onto the glass without fear of burning your hand or the drink being too hot. Even though most people don’t use tumbler style glassware for coffee, the insulated glasses can be dual duty if needed.

Insulated glassware that is made from glass is generally made from a special type of glass, which is made out of a borosilicate. This type of glass is thinner and more durable than your regular varieties of glass. The borosilicate glass also does not scratch or become cloudy after the glasses have been used for a while. Some types of insulated glassware that are cheaply made can have a tendency to scratch easily or become cloudy after being used for a while.

Insulated cups are a wonderful idea that not only keeps condensation from forming on the outside of the glass, but also shield your hand from a hot beverage. It can be aesthetically pleasing as well, since there is a clear border around the outside edge of your drink that makes the beverage almost look like it is floating. If you’ve never even seen insulated glassware before, take a look at it online. It is very nice and very practical, as well.