Having glassware that you can use anywhere, without being afraid it will end up broken, is a bonus for any household with children. Young toddlers like to bang anything they can get their hands on, and while training them not to bash glasses against walls or fences is best, acrylic glassware can be a blessing for parents who’d like to relax.

Acrylic glassware is tough enough to put up with bangs and bumps without shattering. Not only that, today’s acrylic glassware comes in beautiful colors that look amazingly like glass and only touching reveals they’re not what they appear to be. Finding a set of acrylic glassware is easy, as most department stores carry wide selections, and you’ll find that it’s much cheaper than regular glassware.

Glassware Care and Maintenance

While acrylic glassware doesn’t shatter like glass and needs to be really abused to sustain any kind of breakage, acrylic can break if badly mistreated. Also, the material scratches easily, which means that acrylic glassware isn’t resistant to sand and outdoor abuse for toddlers who aren’t careful with what they handle, so if you’re determined to have a good set of glassware, buy a second set that children can use and play with outside.

Acrylic glassware is usually dishwasher safe, but manufacturers recommend not using anything beyond mild dish detergent and a soft cloth to keep your glassware looking its best. If you don’t hand wash your dishes but use a dishwashing machine instead, be sure that anything you buy is clearly indicated as being dishwasher safe. At the other end of the temperature extreme, acrylic glassware can also withstand freezing for juice popsicles.

Acrylic glassware is great for teaching children to drink from a cup and showing them respect for any dinnerware. If the glass or mug accidentally drops on the floor – or purposefully gets tossed or thrown – it won’t break. While you may have to clean up the mess the contents left, you won’t have to worry about slivers of glass that might pierce tender skin and bare feet.

Not only is acrylic glassware a great choice for parents with children, it’s a wonderful option for the backyard and drinks on the patio. It’s fairly easy to find acrylic glassware in jazzy colors like bright blue, tropical orange or fuchsia, and the festive colors add punch and pizzazz to any backyard party without the worry of a glass being broken if one gets accidentally overturned.