Most people have the wrong concept that glassware is inexpensive because it is made of glass, which is an inexpensive material. Even if in general glassware is inexpensive because of the previous mentioned reason some, glassware is extremely rare and expensive – let us explore together the reasons behind it.

Why Some Glassware Is Considered Antique

At least century old glassware is considered antique glassware but it is not only the age that classifies it in this category but also the design pattern involved in it. Antique glassware holds history behind it as in the olden days crystal was not as popular and glassware was widely used by royal families.

Silver, gold and platinum plated glassware was a common practice in the past, which is not today due to the fact that most of those chemicals are harmful if used for eating purposes and that makes the exiting pieces of this antique glassware very valuable today.

In the past, some great artists started and practiced painting on glassware, some of those pieces today are of great value because of the work on it and of the age it carries.

Acquiring Antique Glassware

You have to have some basic knowledge in order to be able to differentiate antique glassware from the imitation as there are many fakes being made and put on the market to sell to those who don’t have the expertise in recognizing a fake.

Antique shops carry antique glassware at times and usually a genuine piece will have many papers documenting its authenticity. Online as well, you can find quite a few buys, however proceed with extreme caution as far as the authenticity is concerned. Ask all the relevant questions to satisfy your curiosity and demand guarantees from the seller in writing.

Helpful Tip

Some favorite places to shop for antiques are garage, tag and estate sales where older folks usually take out stuff that they inherited or had for many years and which they are simply tired to look at or clean anymore. Of course, here too you must be careful and look for all the clues that you have learnt are in an authentic antique.

Enjoy collecting antique glassware and when the times comes you too can pass on your treasures to the next generation as antiques will never go out of style. This is something that can also be passed down for many generations, growing in value as the years pass.