The subject of decorative glassware is very broad and has a long history. As long as humans have had the knowledge of working glass into works of beauty and other more mundane objects that are functional, decorative glassware has been a constant in most people’s lives. Decorative glassware may be all around you on a daily basis, but you may not notice it that often.

Useful and Decorative Glassware

Probably one of the most common types of decorative glassware that just about everyone will have in their home is the candle holder. Candle holders come in an astonishing variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and can be found quite cheaply. The most commonly sold candle today is the smaller votive candle, so most people will have a need for a small, decorative candle holder to place their votive candle in.

Another common type of decorative glassware is the good glasses or wine glasses that a lot of families have but are only used on special occasions. These may have been handed down through the family or given as a wedding gift. The good decorative glassware is a lot like the good china, because you usually use it only on the holidays or for special occasions. Especially if you have small children in the house, you might want to keep your cherished good glassware up and out of their reach until they are a bit older and can monitor their own actions.

Vases are quite common in many homes and are a very prevalent form of decorative glassware. Most people are really only familiar with the plain, clear glass ones you receive from the florist when you are the recipient of a bouquet of flowers. However, historically, there have been many types and a wide variety of vases through the centuries. You may even find some that are hand blown, an art that takes time and knowledge to successfully achieve mastery of. Even if your favorite vase was mass produced, it really doesn’t matter that much, especially if you treasure it.

Decorative glassware can also be completely non-functional and just that—decorative. There is no reason why glassware even has to have a function. If you enjoy it and it adds a special touch to your home, it really does not even matter if it is non-functional. After all, your home is your haven, and if you aren’t happy there then you should probably re-evaluate your home and surroundings.