Bar glassware is important to make a bar look adequate and for the enjoyment of any drink. Let us explore why a drink tastes better when the right glassware is used.

Bar Glassware to Match Your Taste

If you have a bar in your home it is necessary to stock it with drinks that you, your family, and your friends enjoy, as well as the right glassware for each drink type. Every drink has a specific glass designed to make it taste and look better. For example, wine should be served in glass or crystal glasses in order to enhance its taste and open the flavors. Red wine is usually served in large bowl shaped glasses to get them in contact with air quickly to open its bouquet, while white wine should be served in smaller glasses so it stays cold.

Martini, beer, champagne, and daiquiris each have their own specific glassware, which if replaced will not taste or look the same. Of course each drink has its own reason why the particular shaped glass was picked. For example, beer is served in large mugs because most of the time it is meant to be drank quickly to quench your thirst and not sipped like a martini.

Displaying Bar Glassware

Bar glassware can add color and professionalism to a home or commercial bar by the way they are arranged and displayed. In commercial bars usually glasses should be displayed in the easy reach of the bartender so he/she can access and serve customers quickly and efficiently without breaking any in the process.

At home you can arrange and display your glassware according to the type of drinks you drink most, such as, if you are a beer drinker than the beer glasses should be placed in a easy to reach range or hanging as they do in commercial bars.

Hanging bar glassware is not only convenient but also makes a great display, especially if you have signature, famous glasses that you want others to admire as well. However, remember to clean those glasses before using them especially if they were hanging there for a while since the last use.

To clean your bar glassware for a professional, streak-free look, you can put them in the dishwasher if you own one. If not, you can hand wash them too, but you will need to give them a hand polish in the end with a cotton kitchen towel. You should only keep this towel for cleaning the glass, as previous use for something else increases the chances that other detergents can run onto your glassware.