Whether you were fascinated by cobalt blue glassware as a child, spending hours watching the sun shine through it, or you discovered the lovely treasures as an adult, you will find that collecting cobalt blue glassware can be very rewarding. Cobalt blue glassware collectibles come in two basic kinds – expensive and affordable.

Depression Era Glass

If you find cobalt blue glassware in the antique store, you’re probably looking at Depression era glass. Glass dishes were often made in a variety of bright colors during the Depression. There is a large variety of blue sets to be collected. For lovers of Depression era cobalt blue glassware the name to search for is the Hazel Atlas Co.

Hazel Atlas manufactured two of the most popular patterns, the Modertone and Royal Lace. The Modertone blue glassware is simple with bands of texture around the piece. This glassware is simple, elegant, and brings a touch of art deco to the mix. Royal Lace has a more embellished look with a medallion style pattern raised on the pieces. Of the two patterns, Royal Lace is far more expensive to collect and more difficult to find.

While these two patterns use texture for design, Hazel Atlas cobalt blue glassware can also be found decorated with white decals. Designs include sailboats, skiers, dancers, and fish. One very popular style with white decals is the Shirley Temple set; however, this pattern was very often reproduced. Before embarking on a collection of Hazel Atlas Shirley Temple glass, make sure you know how to tell the real from the copies. The popularity of cobalt blue glassware extended beyond dishware to include mixing bowls, refrigerator dishes, and sets of canisters. These blue items of kitchenware are harder to find as most have already been snapped up by collectors.

Reproductions and Modern Glass

To begin a collection of the less expensive glassware, you can start with vintage bottles or miniature vases. You might like to collect reproductions as well. Many are as lovely as the authentic pieces and easier to find. Besides the Shirley Temple set, there are water decanter sets and children’s dishes in Depression era styles.

Modern glass is also available in cobalt blue at modern glass prices. Wine and water are available in blue bottles as are perfumes and other items. A collection of blue bottles looks just as good on a sunny windowsill as the rarest of cobalt blue glassware.