Contemporary design is all about space, light, and geometry. Contemporary furniture is sleek and unembellished with geometric lines. Glass and contemporary glassware play an important part of contemporary design.

Contemporary Glassware Display

One technique that keeps contemporary rooms from looking cluttered is to gather similar objects together, making one focal display. This works especially well if some of your glassware pieces are more ornate. A display case or even a shelf holding several pieces of glassware is one way to do this. Lighting the display with accent lights or candles makes it sparkle and adds warmth to the room.

Another way to display contemporary glassware is to group three or five different pieces together. The pieces should be different sizes but have some similarities. This would be a beautiful way to display several clear glass vases, perhaps with orchids in them.

Contemporary Glassware as Art

Using glass art is a beautiful way to decorate a contemporary room. You could have anything from a mobile of clear geometric glass pieces to a brilliantly colored Chihuly-style bowl. You could have a contemporary glassware wall hanging in bright colors or lighted glass cubes stacked on top of each other. The reflective quality of glass makes it work very well in contemporary spaces.

Another way to use contemporary glassware as art would be to hang several pieces from the ceiling or in front of a window to catch the light. Creative use of directional accent lighting can bring out even more drama when you use it to highlight contemporary glassware.

Contemporary Glassware in the Dining Room

This is the place where contemporary glassware can really shine (pun totally intentional). You can use it to dress your table, and you can display it on open shelves. When choosing contemporary glassware for your dining room, remember that it should be minimalist, unembellished, and geometric.

One example of a contemporary dining area would be a black table and chair set with square ebony glass plates and glasses. You could use either white or red napkins or tablecloth, and it would create a dramatic, contemporary table.

You could also go with clear glass all the way. A clear glass dining table with clear glass plates and glasses in varying geometric shapes—some circles, some squares, and maybe even a triangle or two—would make a beautiful minimalist setting.

Or you could punch up the color a bit and use perfectly round plates in red and yellow with clear triangular glasses on a white plastic tabletop.

Contemporary glassware in contemporary design is clean, serene, and beautiful. It keeps the space open and adds interest without clutter. It makes the best possible use of light, space, and geometry.