Special parties call for special touches. When you’re planning the type of party that will be remembered, think about using custom glassware. Glasses customized with a special date, a message, or monograms make great keepsakes, favors, and gifts.

Special Dates

Some celebrations mark a special day. A party for a high school or college graduating class can have the name of the school and the year etched or dyed on their glassware. Whether they are soft drink glasses for the high schoolers or beer mugs for the college grads, every guest will appreciate the keepsake. The same goes for the corporation celebrating an important anniversary. For a small company marking the successful completion of five years in business or the large multi-national observing a half century in service, custom glassware etched with the start and current dates and the company’s logo makes party favors that will be enjoyed by everyone.

A special wedding anniversary is definitely an occasion that calls for custom glassware engraved with a date. Whether it’s for the silver or golden anniversary, friends and family will want an elegant way to commemorate the day.

Special Messages

Sometimes the celebration is about a special accomplishment or the accomplishment of a special group of people. The same businesses that just celebrated their anniversaries might want to reward their sales force for meeting an important sales goal, software developers for completing the latest product, or the advertising writers for getting a national award.

When a family works together to accomplish an important task, such as the completion of a family tree, a message of congratulations on custom glassware is a great way to mark the day.

Special Monograms

Monogrammed gifts are popular for newlyweds and custom glassware certainly falls into that category. A set of wine glasses or champagne flutes with the happy couple’s newly joined name or initials can be displayed in a china hutch in their new home and used for guests on every occasion. Naturally, a pair of toasting glasses can be given to be used at the wedding. Housewarmings also calls for the type of gift that can be used in the new home to remind the recipients of the giver. Monogrammed glassware meets those requirements very well.

Besides the elegant custom glassware gifts and party favors, there are many occasions that call for the gag gift of custom glassware, too. Glassware can be customized with color pictures, logos, and punch lines for retirement parties, birthday parties, and getting the band back together. When there’s a special occasion, give a thought to how you might use custom glassware to mark it.