Glassware was never in great demand because of its ready availability on the market. Over the years, however, artists have turned even the most inexpensive material to something worthy of collecting by using hand painting.

The Art of Hand-Painted Glassware

Hand-painted glassware is very time consuming just like a real painting, and depending on its size and subject, it can even take years; therefore, it is not inexpensive in the least. Hand-painted glassware can, at times, be as much or more expensive than fine bone chinaware. The reason for its high price tag is not only the time consuming work but also the fact that it is a unique piece of art because everything that is hand-painted or made cannot have an exact identical replica.

Depending of who hand paints the glassware, the price can rise even higher, as a famous name or a signed art piece is always in demand.

Taking Care of Hand-painted Glassware

Once you posses hand-painted glassware you need to take extra careful measures of keeping its condition intact, unless of course it is a hand-painted glassware that you bought in Mexico, which cost only couple of dollars and you don’t care much about.

Famous or collectible hand-painted glassware, as well as expensive dinner glassware, requires extra care. It is best not to clean it in the dishwasher or with any harsh detergents, and instead try and wipe off the dust or wash hand-painted glassware with specific detergents that don’t ruin the paint on it. Usually when you purchase expensive hand-painted glassware maintenance instructions will come along with it, if not, try and check the site of the brand that produced the glassware and enquire about the maintenance procedures.

Special cabinets that are not hanging on the wall should be used to store your dinner glassware; however, if you only have one piece of hand-painted glassware that you purchased for decorating purposes, you can display it as long as you have secured it well. You don’t want to regret hanging it later if it ends up in broken pieces.

It is best to insure your precious glassware in case you do break it even after taking all the necessary measures. Your valuable piece can never be replaced but at least you will recover some money so you can invest in another one similar to it in the future.