Kitchenware glassware was what my grandmother used all the time, but with the busier schedules we all lead, it slowly changed to plastic and paper disposable utensils and plates to make everyone’s life easier. However, did kitchenware glassware really ever go out of style? Let us find out together.

Kitchenware Glassware an Eternal Classic

The truth is kitchenware glassware never went out of style. It was, and still is to some extent, replaced with plastic and paper plates, but we always have the classics at the back of our head to use when the occasion calls for it.

Let us take for example Thanksgiving dinner, a time when the family reunites and sits down to share a special day together over a great dinner cooked with care and probably planned for weeks in advance. You are definitely not going to serve it in plastic or paper plates no matter how great the idea may sound. A special occasion calls for special arrangements all around and that includes the dinner plates you will use to serve dinner.

I’m sure you can think of many occasions that match the above example and when kitchenware glassware will fit perfectly; therefore, you have no choice but to make sure you own one well before you need it.

Specific Glassware for Specific Occasions

If you are not the paper plate kind of person and instead like to use glassware every single day no matter what the occasion, I am sure you have more than one set. To make things feel special on those rare occasions there is glassware designed and decorated to match, such as for Christmas you will find in department stores kitchenware glassware with Santa Claus or snow flake and so on.

There are many other types available as well, and they are usually inexpensive because they are season oriented and the stores don’t want to store it for years to come.

Helpful Tip

I love kitchenware glassware and usually try to avoid paper plates as much as possible. If you are like me, I suggest you acquire a classic dinner set for everyday use and for special occasions, purchase as the occasion calls for it.

Sometimes, I purchase just a couple of plate sets specially designed or which match a particular occasion, just for myself and my husband to add a bit of color to the dinner table. You see diversity does not have to come only from food.

Enjoy shopping!