We always hear about crystals and bone china collections, but very rarely you will come across collectors of vintage glassware. That is mostly because it is very limited both in stock and information.

The Value of Glassware

Because it is easily obtained, glassware was never in huge demand. After all, you can have it whenever you want, so why pay a lot for it or collect huge amounts? Simple, there always was, and still is today, a very limited selection that is created by extremely talented artists with great detail and labor.

Every single period of time has its distinct signs and so does glassware, which is why vintage glassware is so sought after by collectors and admirers. Glassware’s value grows through its age, by the artist who created it and the complexity of the design.

Vintage glassware is specially desired because it is not being reproduced today and probably it will never be again. Any piece of art or object that has a limited edition automatically becomes a collector’s desire for his/her collection.

The Mysteries of Vintage Glassware

Vintage glassware holds stories of its era and time. Many pieces are created individually, painted by hand and even dipped in gold to preserve them from the damage of time. Most vintage glassware will hold the artist signature, which makes it even more precious and desirable.

Maintaining Your Glassware

When you invest in vintage glassware you also need to invest in preserving it well, so your money does not go to waste. Vintage glassware that carry delicate paintings must be kept away from heat, chemicals, and never cleaned with detergents but rather dusted and/or wiped with a damp cloth.

Another very important thing you may want to invest in is a cabinet where you can safely store your precious glassware away from children and other curious hands, which can cause damage just by touching itself. The perfect choice would be a cabinet made of glass so you can store and display the vintage glassware for all to see.

Insuring your vintage glassware is a wise step to consider, as you never know when an accident can happen to your precious collection. Even if vintage glassware is not something in fashion, which you can find on every street corner, your collection can be priceless even if it is just for yourself. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.