Are you a budget decorator? You want a beautiful, gracious home but never have the money for the right accessories? You can make your own hand-painted glassware to accessorize your home. The technique is simple, and you can use it on anything from dinnerware to lamps.

The Technique

Any non-porous surface that does not get hard wear can be painted using this technique. (You actually could use it on a sink or even a toilet, but the painted design won’t stand up to heavy wear.)

The first step in making beautiful hand-painted glassware is to choose a design. You can paint the entire surface one color, or you can paint any kind of design you choose on it. You may want to make a template of the design if you are doing more than one piece.

The next step is to choose paint. Latex and acrylic paints will adhere to glassware, but they must be sealed or the paint will eventually scrape and wear off. Polyurethane sealer works well. There are also products designed especially for making hand-painted glassware that do not need to be sealed.

Make sure the object to be painted is absolutely clean, because any fingerprints or oil will keep the paint from adhering well. Handle the object as little as possible.

Then paint your design, and you can also create textures by stippling or ragging the surface. Let each color dry completely before adding another color. After the paint is completely dry seal it if necessary. Some glass paints can be baked on for added durability—follow the directions on the paint package for this, and make sure your newly hand-painted glassware can withstand oven heat.

Even if it is baked or sealed, hand-painted glassware must be carefully hand washed, as the dishwasher will remove the paint.

Decorating with Hand-Painted Glassware

You can use your custom hand-painted glassware to accessorize your rooms in many different ways. You could hand-paint mismatched glasses and dishes to create a unified, custom look. You can update old lamps to coordinate with new room décor using this technique. Add some beauty and privacy to a room by hand painting the windows. Or even create objets d’art out of bowls, vases, mirrors, or even panes of glass.

Custom hand-painted glassware accessories add a beautiful touch to any room. The technique is simple, and you can use it to give new life to old, mismatched, recycled glass articles.