If you are looking for a way to set a nice table on a low budget, you might check out restaurant glassware. It’s a nice, low-cost way to create a beautiful setting, and it has many practical advantages.


Restaurant glassware is durable. It has to stand up under a lot of hard use and commercial dishwashing and last for a good while under those harsh circumstances. This glassware tends to be heavy and thick so that it does not break easily, and you can wash it in the dishwasher, which is a wonderful benefit if you are entertaining a number of people.


Restaurant glassware nearly always has a very simple design with clear glass and rarely any embellishments. That makes it ideal for using with a variety of different types of table settings.

Ways to Use Restaurant Glassware on Your Table

Because it is sturdy and durable, restaurant glassware tends to work well with more casual settings. You could, for instance, use plain white pottery dishes and thick, plain, rounded glassware. Simple flatware and brightly colored napkins would complete a basic, casual table for entertaining friends.

Restaurant glassware is also ideal for the children’s table because it is so sturdy. The youngest children, of course, will use plastic glasses, but older children can safely drink out of restaurant cups. Even if they drop a glass, there is less risk of breakage than with more fragile glassware.

Restaurant glassware is perfect for breakfast or brunch, and sturdy square-bottomed glasses with a matching pitcher work well for juice. Breakfast and brunch are casual meals, so this glassware fits very well at the breakfast table.

One way to use clear restaurant glassware in a more elegant setting is to mix the types of glassware. Using some square-bottomed glasses, some round-bottomed glasses, and some with texture or designs creates interest and looks great with a simple, yet elegant china pattern. To continue the clear glass theme, create a centerpiece with several clear glasses or vases and candles, and you have a table that looks beautifully formal.

Restaurant glassware is good barware, too. It is inexpensive enough that you can have plenty of glasses available for guests without resorting to plastic. It’s elegant enough to look great, and it’s sturdy enough to withstand some abuse, like being dropped or knocked over.

Practical, durable, and beautiful, restaurant glassware is a good solution to many entertaining problems.