So you’re planning a party. Paper plates aren’t good enough, although you’re considering good paper napkins, or maybe not. Plastic flatware won’t cut it. What are you going to do about glassware? There’s nothing like the beauty of glass. But the variety that you need makes it difficult to supply them all. Mixed drinks, champagne flutes, water glasses, and shot glasses – depending on your menu – may all have to be available for each of your guests. That doesn’t even start to consider specialized glasses like the margarita type, but what’s the alternative?


Plastic glassware may be the answer. Lovely, high quality, transparent plastic ware is available in all of the same styles that genuine glassware is. For a large party, plastic glassware may well be a better and more elegant choice than real glass.

For a sit-down dinner for a crowd, such as Thanksgiving, you’ll need a couple of plates for each guest: salad, main course, and desert. But you may need a glass or two for cocktails or fruit juice, a water or soft drink glass, and one or two wine glasses. For that number of pieces, the lightweight plastic glassware can be a huge benefit. Plastic glassware can be stacked more safely and easily than glass, and it is never difficult to pry apart.

For a buffet style meal, plastic glassware means that your guests won’t have to worry about breaking a glass. Used glasses can be left on tables around the party area without worrying about chipping or loss. Plastic glassware is so much less expensive than glass that it can be disposable.


Expanding your collection of glassware can be a difficult prospect. Can you find your patterns easily? Are they available close by? Are you planning a long drive home with a car trunk full of heavy, breakable glassware? In contrast, plastic glassware is available in department, house-ware, and party stores. Their light weight makes it cheaper to acquire online too. You’ll save a bundle on postage and handling not to mention insurance against breakage. Most brands are readily available, making styles easy to match and there’s a good range of inexpensive to elegant to meet all of your needs.

Your glassware is perfect for cozy, romantic dinners for two or that dinner with the in-laws, but for large parties like baby showers, New Year’s Eve, family reunions, and house warmings, you probably can’t beat plastic glassware. They fit right in whether they’re next to paper plates or china plates.