Etched glassware is some sort of glass that has had a design etched or scratched into it. The glass can be anything from champagne flutes to shot glasses to special awards. When the glassware is etched, the design is scratched into the glass, making a picture, words, or initials in the side of the piece of glass.

Uses for Etched Glassware

One of the main uses for etched glassware can be commemorative. These items can include champagne flutes for a wedding, glass paperweights, ceramic and glass coffee mugs, picture frames and much more. These can be used to remember an event or occasion, as prizes, for home décor, or just about anything else you can think of.

You can find businesses that will customize your etched glassware for you both online and in the phone book. Whichever route you choose to go, keep in mind that it will take a bit for the order to be finished, so make sure you allow enough time when placing your order.

If you are feeling creative, you can even do your own etched glassware at home using one of two different methods. Glass etching tools are fairly easy to find at most hobby stores. The tool that actually engraves into the glass usually has diamond bits on the head of it since diamonds can cut fairly easily into the surface of the glass. You can make your own designs using stencils to transfer them to the surface or you can use stencils that are pre-designed and pre-cut.

Another, easy way to create your own etched glassware at home is with a commercially available paste. The stencil is adhered to the surface of the glass, and then the paste is transferred onto the glass, where it will eat the glass away. After leaving it on for a specific amount of time, you wipe it off and you have a frosted, etched piece of glass. Even better, the paste can be reused again so you’re really not using up your supply very quickly.

Etched glassware can be a good way to remember a special occasion. It also makes a good gift, especially if the item that has been etched is personalized for the person you will be giving the gift to. Etching glassware can also be an interesting and fairly inexpensive hobby if you decide to try your hand at it. Even if you decide to order the items you need from a professional etcher, you can still enjoy the results of this unique art form.