While most of us think of beer as the cheap party liquid, or the drink to have on a hot summer day while taking a break from some hard work, there are many people out there who take beer as seriously as posh wine tasters in France treat their wine. Beer advocates will be the first to tell you that a double-walled, thermal plastic mug from the freezer is the worst beer glassware you could ever choose to serve beer in. Advocates are adamant that there is proper beer glassware that lets you treat your pale ale with respect. But do you know which beer glassware is the one you should be serving your favourite brew in?

Looks are Everything

First of all, beer glassware is all about taking in the tantalizing look of that lager, so you want to have crystal clear glasses for your viewing experience. There’s nothing more tempting than golden liquid captured in a glass, small champagne-like bubbles rising through the amber to a creamy-white mountain cap of foam. Beads of sweat prove the icy, chilled temperature of the drink you’re about to savour, the droplets forming on the outside of the glass only to trickle down…. You see where we’re going with this. Beer glassware is definitely about being able to see what you’re being served. You definitely want to avoid disrespecting your ale by serving it in a solid green container or a dollar-store plastic.

Respect Your Lager

Buy real glass for serving your beer, and buy quality glass. After all, your beer deserves that much respect, doesn’t it? Don’t just go out and buy the first set of beer glassware you see though! Beers come in all sorts of colors and flavors, and there’s a glass to match with each type of beer. Belgium experts have a different glass for each brand of beer! There are flutes and snifters, goblets and mugs…there are special glasses for different brands of beer and different shapes for tasting purposes. So how do we, the lowly beer aficionado, go about choosing beer glassware to show we respect our brews?

Well, unfortunately, there are too many different types of beer glassware and beers that should be married to the containers to be listed here. A quick Internet search on ‘beer glassware’ can provide you with links to websites that will explain which beers are best for which glasses. An interesting and complete site that helps guide the amateur drinker in their beer glassware choice is beeradvocate.com. The site is so complete that you’ll soon become an expert on not only beer glassware, but the beautiful brew itself!